1 Day Hire | Mushing

1 Day Hire | Mushing

Off-road adult footbike for mushing and off-road downhill racing.


The footbike MUSHING MAX is a true “pro” by its characteristics. You can just swoosh as quick as a flash and filled with adrenaline, together with your four-legged companion. MUSHING MAX is an off-road footbike for adults and a good choice for mushing races. Just push off a few times and soon you and your dog are going to stand on a winner’s stage.


This adult's footbike in-built sprung construction will make you feel like being on a cloud nine! It always handles all off-road and sporty downhill racing. So let’s go downhill!


In case you will ride on asphalt, you can always lock the sprung fork and thus make the energy transfer from push to drive more efficient.


The modified frame design will provide you brilliant driveability you surely will appreciate while riding downhill in a steep terrain. The extended footbike wheelbase makes cornering smooth and more accurate. It allows the biker to push off easier as well. You will be able to cut corners like a devil. You won’t even need an axe!


The extended deck is covered with slip-resistant elements. The lower part of the deck is very tough and strengthened with special welds and a stiffener, which makes the frame of the footbike MUSHING MAX more resilient against terrain challenges of various levels. So don’t worry and push off!


The wheel hub KOSTKA HK 1024DS allows quick and brisk ride. These wheel hubs were designed for footbiking, they are extremely tough and equipped with larger sprockets that are more resistant against lateral forces.


The tires Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" and Mad Mike 20” with terrain tread pattern help to hold the line precisely. The scooter MUSHING MAX is a mountain footbike with hydraulic brakes Shimano 395 - you can stop easily and almost right on spot. When it comes to the size, this hardy predator is a proud member of the adult footbikes series.


It is equipped with a dog leash and a flexible adapter, both of which are necessary equipment for a mushing footbike. Just yoke your dog companion and let’s ride together for a great adventure.

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Riding a hired footbike is at your risk, and the rider is entirely responsible for their actions while using the footbike, and for ensuring that he/she is physically fit enough to undertake footbiking. ISCOOTBIKE LTD does not accept any responsibility for any costs incurred either involving or caused by the rider. 

    • Footbike and equipment can only be hired from ISCOOTBIKE LTD by a person aged 18 years or over on completion of a Schedule form and by accepting ISCOOTBIKE LTD Hire Terms and Conditions. ISCOOTBIKE LTD reserves the right to take a copy of the customers nationally recognised Photo ID (driving licence or passport) and Credit Card details that match ID to hold as security until the customer returns the footbike(s) in the condition hired out.

    • Payment is collected on booking of the footbike(s), and cancellations are considered on individual cases in extraordinary circumstances. Late return of the footbike will be charged at twice the published daily hire rate for each day/part day if extended hire terms are not agreed in advance.

    • Any deposit will be returned at the end of the hire period provided that any equipment hired or used is returned in an undamaged condition, within the arranged hire period and at the arranged time and place to ISCOOTBIKE LTD. 

    • In the case of footbikes and equipment left or returned damaged (over and above standard wear and tear), the customer is responsible for any costs incurred and sustained in replacing or repairing (whichever the cheaper).

  • Safety Instruction

    • Never kick (push) while riding at high speed or downhill.

    • Customer must wear a helmet and appropriate clothing with suitable footwear. 

    • Customer must not ride a footbike under the influence of alcohol, strong medication, other drugs or fatigue.

    • Customer must ride responsibly, respecting the law and other people.

    • Watch the speed and keep a safe distance, especially in wet weather as surfaces may be slippery 

    • Always hold handlebars with both hands 

    • Although we test all footbikes, the customer must check the technical condition and acquaint themselves with their proper use. ​​

  • Technical specifications

    Height 1120 mm
    Length 1760 mm
    Weight 13 kg
    Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
    Front wheel size 26"
    Rear wheel size 20"
    Footboard Length 420 mm
    Front Footboard Clearance Height 125 mm
    Rear Footboard Clearance Height 80 mm
    Front Footboard Height 151 mm
    Rear Footboard Height 105 mm
    Wheelbase 1180 mm
    Handlebar width 620 mm
  • Equipment

    Brakes Shimano 395
    Hubs KOSTKA HK 1020 DS
    Tires Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" / Mad Mike 20"
    Rims Double wall - RDX
    Stem Aluminum 31.8 mm
    Handlebars Aluminum 620 mm - 31.8 mm
    Front fork Suspension - Lock on fork
    Bearings (Hubs) NTN Japan (Industrial)
    Headset A-Head
    Handlebar Grips Rubber - locking
    Spokes Stainless steel
    Tubes Auto
    Caps Plastic reflex


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