Footbike KOSTKA TWENTY Wedding (G5) - Limited wedding edition

Footbike KOSTKA TWENTY Wedding (G5) - Limited wedding edition

We would like to introduce your our unique wedding limited edition footbikes. These models were made especialy for Marek II. and Eva's wedding. Footbikes are made in limited number.


Whether you ride on asphalt or an unpaved road, you reach both near and far destinations with the footbike KOSTKA TWENTY WEDDING very quickly.


This small footbike with inflatable tires fits perfectly for both shorter and longer trips. You will use it well in a city too - the traffic is no challenge as well.


Once you grasp the handlebars, you won't let go of them at any cost. You're going to enjoy a fast ride that's going to bring a smile on your face.


The  footbike TWENTY WEDDING has a great driveability allowed by the optimized frame design and the innovated front fork. These elements make the footbike very stable and easy to control, even at high speed. You can reach the high speed easily with the wheel hub Kostka HK 6524 RS that was designed especially for footbiking.


The two-chamber rims with the stainless wire spokes are covered with the high-quality tires Schwalbe KOJAK, which prevents unwanted skidding on the road. These tires make the ride fast and allow holding the line precisely.


Both the frame and the front fork have been designed narrower than usual, which prevents pushing leg from touching the footbike. Sometimes you have to stop, but maybe involuntarily... But that is easy to do - using the brakes Shimano 4000.


We upgraded the lower part of the deck with a stiffener and special welds in order to make the footbike frame more resistant against any terrain unevenness. These elements extend the frame life as well as the stiffness on the whole.


This adult footbike (20"-20”) is, simply expressed, a great vehicle for travelling anywhere. You wouldn’t believe it. But you ought to... Since this is all true, riding this footbike is a deeply moving experience.

  • Technical specifications

    Height 920 mm
    Length 1565 mm
    Weight 9 kg (9,7 kg with accessories)
    Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
    Front wheel size 20"
    Rear wheel size 20"
    Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
    Footboard Length 420 mm
    Footboard Height 76 mm
    Wheelbase 1075 mm
    Handlebar width 680 mm
  • Equipment

    Brakes Shimano 4000
    Hubs KOSTKA HK 6524 RS
    Tires Schwalbe KOJAK
    Rims Double wall - DRAGON
    Stem KOSTKA SK 2822 S
    Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 680-190 St
    Front fork Rigid 20" - 65 mm
    Bearings (Hubs) Industrial
    Headset A-Head
    Handlebar Grips Hardened foam
    Spokes Stainless steel
    Tubes Auto
    Caps Plastic reflex
  • The inspiration

    "The idea of creating this limited edition was basically spontanious. For our wedding, I want to make footbikes, which will reflect some of our wedding's features. And so the first four footbikes were created, which accompanied us throughout the day. There were ment to be a symbol of what we live for in our everyday lives."

    "I also wanted to give myself a present in a form of a new footbike. This led to a creation of our new model, which we cal Travel. This model is basically created from our favorite model - Tour, but the steering geometry and frame tube were completely redesigned. We also make the front wheel bigger - 28". We have designed something, which we want to introduce to all of our customers. This footbike can excite more people in the same way, as it excites me. I personaly would recommend this scoter to people from medium to tall height. I think, that this is one of our best sports-touristic models we have ever made."

    "And since the color combinations were such an success, we decided to make them available in limited numbers for sale, so everyone can have one of these unique footbikes. We'll see when our son Mark III will have his own edition."

£499.00 Regular Price
£479.00Sale Price


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