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If you are looking for a terrain footbike with inflatable wheels or for a good model for mushing, look no further. This is the one you want. It has an extended deck and a loop for fastening the dog leash and the spring. The combination of the broad 4” fat tires and the wheel hub Kostka HK 1532 DS with the 12mm axle (making the whole construction tougher) allows you to ride in any conditions - and it’s perfect for harsh downhill riding too!


Especially during the downhill riding, you will appreciate the perfect effect of the hydraulic disc brakes Shimano 615 - they stop the footbike almost right on the spot. The footbike Mushing Monster has a refined frame which withstands any kind of collision on all kinds of terrain. You can fully rely on it.


Whether you go for a ride alone or together with your dog, you can be sure that you will experience a lot of unforgettable fun. This adult scooter bike faces even the worst terrain so effortlessly that you will be astonished by it. It can also ride on snow.


This model is truly a predator on the road - and you and your dog will love it!

Height 1080 mm
Length 1920 mm
Weight 15,5 kg
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 26"
Rear wheel size 20"
Clearance Height of Footboard 160 - 170 mm
Footboard Length 420 mm
Wheelbase 1270 mm
Handlebar width 720 mm


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