Our scooter bikes are available to suit your requirements, from just an hour through to the whole week

Unique in the UK and already among the best things to do in Plymouth, scooter bike riding is a fantastic way to maintain an active lifestyle and have fun while doing so for adults and kids alike, so what better way is there to get out and about exploring all the breathtaking sites than on one of our top of the range scooter bikes.

They suit the whole family - parents, teens and kids from 7 years old

For a nice and easy ride through the neighbourhood or a 30-mile trip to the next city, you will always get a great unique experience with our premium adult scooter bikes.

Kids scooters (4 to 6 years old)

Perfect for small kids. Thanks to the modified frame geometry and the same 16" size wheels, it offers very easy riding, stability and excellent handling.