Don't learn safety rules by accident.

Read them below.

  • Wash and desinfect your hands before and after your Guided Tour and/or hiring a scooter-bike.

  • While on a Guided Tour, avoid touching your face.

  • Customer must wear a helmet and appropriate clothing with suitable footwear. ​​

  • Customer must not ride a footbike under the influence of alcohol, strong medication, other drugs or fatigue.

  • Customer must ride responsibly, respecting the law and other people.

  • Watch the speed and keep a safe distance, especially in wet weather as surfaces may be slippery 

  • Always hold handlebars with both hands. 

  • Never kick (push) while riding at high speed or downhill.​

  • Although we test all footbikes, you should always visually check the technical condition of the scooter you are going to ride, and must acquaint yourselves with their proper use.